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10 Jahre Samboja Lestari

Samboja Lestari is a 1850 hectare area in East Kalimantan, a province in the Indonesian part of Borneo. Through logging and fires it was downgraded to a nutrient-poor grassland. Over the past ten years BOS Foundation has succeeded in turning the land back into a species-rich habitat through reforestation and fire protection.

Today a rescue and rehabilitation station is being run for orangutans and sun bears in Samboja Lestari. The first reintroductions of orangutans from Samboja Lestari to appropriate areas of rainforest are planned for 2012. In order to survive in freedom, our red-headed relatives receive training in the forest school of Samboja Lestari and are given a thorough health examination. Some animals are too ill or too disturbed for re-introduction. For this reason enclosures which enable them to lead a dignified life need to be built and maintained. A few islands surrounded by moats also offer the sick and disabled orangutans a permanent place to live.

Today BOS Foundation's work in Samboja Lestari is focused on the preservation of the area and taking care of the animals.

The project „Create-Rainforest“ is closed since December 2013. However, you can still actively help to create rainforest. Please go to our new project: Unfortunately, is currently available in German only.